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Working on this section at the moment old fruit. but wanted to get the gist down for now....

If you need help with Business Plans, Financial Forecasts or actually going out there and pitching for funding, let me know! This is my favourite thing in all the world - after maybe ice cream & playing tiddlywinks...

EMAIL: - 07879 812 789

I can help prepare a simple Cashflow from £100... if you want the whole shebang, then it could costs a few thousand... give us a call if you want to discuss.

You start off with 100% of a YUMMY pie

You have a great big pie to start with. YUM  YUM. But sadly it's probably not worth a huge amount (to an outsider)... oh dear.... but don't worry!! With your passion and enthusiasm and a robust 'investor ready" business plan, and pitch, you can hopefully woo people into investing money into your business to help you grow....

But how much pie are you going to give them, and for what?! There are heaps of different funding options out there... all with different benefits or strings attached...

Also, seeking funding is something that normally goes on forever, if you want to carry on growing into a big boy. And so it helps to have a plan from the start, and the right advisers (US!!), to help you realise this plan. Seeking funding can be a full time job in itself.. which is why you need to have decent help (US!!!!!!!!!).

And we can make sure you optimise your funding strategy from the start, and make sure you divvy up your yummy pie wisely, to secure maximum effect now and into the future.... we've see it go right, and we've seen it go wrong.. so let us help you get this right from the start...

Your own money!

i know this is kind of stating the bleeding obvious. But no better way to secure investment from others that by laying your own "balls" on the line...

Friends & Family

Loads of Start Ups happen due to a friendly relative taking a punt. But, you should still treat this as a proper funding method and approach it the right way to optimise results for both parties


Where there is a will, there is a way. Looking at creative ways to get your idea off the ground on a shoestring budget!


For example we can help you The TSB grant for Technology Development projects. We can also help advise you on how to secure Arts funding too.

R&D, SEIS, Patent Box

The Government has come up some rather snazzy ways to help start ups secure investment. We can help you understand and apply for the varius options available to you!

Start Up Loans

We're partnered with Start Up Direct, and can help you get a seed loan of up to £10k.


This is a massive area in itself... It's all the rage right. Kickstarter, Crowdcube, Bank to The Future... you name it. But what's the best approach for you?

Bank Overdraft

Not as silly as it may sound... and you might be in with a shout. Certainly a good way to tide you over in a lean month...

Bank Loans

fuddy duddy old banks eh? we might be able to help you on this one...

Angel Investors

A big area, there are 1000's of Angels out there, and heaps fo different ways to find & approach them. Finding a nice little Angel can be a right gem, as you can secure some experienced help/support as well as the spondula...

Venture Capital

You've already proven the concept, and you're making revenues. Then the VCs want a slice and the option to grow you rapidly for about 3 more years... before they most probably want to exit somehow.

Private Equity

You in with the big boys now, who can maybe put £5m or more into your business, and maybe put someone on your board to help take you to the next stage... world domination.


You've made it big. You're only about to list on the flipping London Stock Exchange. it's all good - we can help with that too.