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doris warryArchie & I have set up an Creative Workspace for Entrepreneurs. Based in Central London (Belgravia/Victoria), the space is designed for working, playing, learning & socialising... hard.

07879 812 789

Dead posh central London location


Inspired by Google Campus, but designed to appeal to Creative geniuses of all descriptions.

1 - The space is set up for hot-desking & informal meetings

2 - There's a fun vintage feel, and highly creative atmosphere , Doris is in charge

3 - A meeting room is also available for one on ones, and smaller private meetings 

4 - A large event space is there for training, workshops, presentation & group mentoring 

5 - Facilities: Bicycle rack, Free Wifi, Reception, "Honesty Box" Cafe, Cupcakes on tap.

work, play, learn & drink coffee (hard)...

Quick facts:

WORK: Creative Co-working space in central London (Belgravia/Victoria)


SOCIAL: Join a community of Entrepreneurs for peer to peer learning, networking & social events

LEARN: Free group mentoring, workshops & events covering Legal, Finance, Tech & Marketing

 CREATE: An area dedicated to playing, thinking, creating & making things

THE DEAL: Just £60 a month, but you remain in an Archie & Doris Alumni member forever!

Our promo vid - slick eh?!

The deal:

Successful Start Up Direct loan applicants are already here & other applicants are now encouraged to apply too!

When you arrive your logo will be written on our wall, signalling your arrival! And you'll be welcomed by the founder & the existing start-ups using the space.

You're invited for as long as you need to use the space and make the most of it for just £60 a month. By the time you leaves, you'll have a brain full of fascinating things and a stronger business ready to explode with brilliance - you also get a snazzy certificate - saying "well done" from Archie himself.

So, once you've graduated, it doesn't end there. You will always be invited back to events in the future as an Alumni member - FOR LIFE!


To find out how to arrange a viewing or to apply, please email:

07879 812 789

25 Eccleston Place

What are you waiting for?

1 - Having a physical space to go and work, that is not your bedroom/sitting room!

2 - Peer to peer networking and support. Meet & learn from other entrepreneurs at a similar stage to you 

3 - Mentoring & Group mentoring. When a mentor comes for one person, other will be invited to join in

4 - Occasional events and speakers arranged to help keep you motivated & informed (subjects including Sales, Marketing, Legals, Accounting, Crowd Funding etc.) 

5 - Opportunity for certain start-ups to experiment with “pop up” offerings to market/road test your concepts further