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teach a dude to catch a fish

Yo dude

archie warryThis section is quite new, and I'll be improving it over the coming weeks.. just putting something up here now, so you get the main gist of what we're about. 

In the future, there will loads of video tutorials, useful guides and interactive features to help you learn useful stuff! Oh, Doris & I are so excited about this.. I hope you are too?! Toodle pip! Archie XXX

What? Dude with a tash?!

dude with a tashYes, dude with a tash. We think this little ditty aptly sums up our ethos on life and business.

"Give a dude with a tash a fish, and he'll eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he'll eat for life!"

We don't sit here, with our abacus and dark rimed specs, pretending everything is frightfully complicated, and then bamboozling you with complicated jargon you don't really follow.... in order to then charge you some kind of exorbitant fee.... because actually, 80/90% of bookkeeping & accounting is really rather simple.

Our ethos has always been, that if you want to learn how to look after your own books (and other things), then we'll teach you. We've been doing this since 1959... but now new snazzy technology like Xero for example, makes it EVEN EASIER to teach you how to manage your own books and business.

Of course, if you want us to do it all for you, that's also fine. We'll link you up with your very own Doris, and off we go! Tally ho!

Cashflow training

start up direct and archie and dorisWe help businesses get their business plans & financial forecasts completed so they are ready to attract the right kind of funding.

For example, we help a lot of start ups apply for the government backed Start Up Loan Scheme. A key part of the application process is preparing a Cashflow. We will sit you with, and give you one on one training to help you get this done. And at the end of the training & support, you will have a cashflow ready to use for your application, from just £100.

If you'd like to know more about this, and more about how to get a Start Up Loan, please email or call Marcus.

07879 812 789

Xero training

We are certified advisors for Xero, & virtually all our clients use Xero. Quite simply Archie spent several years researching all the cloud based accounting solutions, and finally concluded with simple aplomb that "Xero is the blimming best!!"... He doesn't use the word blimming lightly...

It's beautiful software, designed to be used by NON ACCOUNTANTS. And many people use it and teach themselves, and that's cool.

However, if you want a bit of a hand in the early stages, then we can create a training and support package for you, to get you off on the right foot, from just £50.

If you'd like to find out more, please contact Marcus, and he'll be tickled pick to hear from you, and just itching to help!