Archie & Doris Ltd.

Helping Entrepreneurs with Accounts, Tax, Funding & Mentoring since 1959

Marcus Warry - Founder & CEO

Marcus Warry - Founder of Archie & Doris

Marcus set up Archie & Doris to be the Accounting firm he wish he'd found when he was a young entrepreneur dabbling in dot.coms & working in advertising before he had a scoobies about anything Accounting or Tax related.

He is now a Chartered Accountant of course (but he likes to think he's come through this harrowing experience with his soul reasonably in tact). He has many years of experience in assisting businesses from start ups to large Plcs with Audits, Tax, Statutory Accounts and Corporate Finance advice. 

His speciality is combining his Marketing, Accounting & Corporate Finance experience to help clients create fantastic business plans & financial forecasts to help them raise funds, grow, or even sell their business.

He likes doing oil paintings too, and he plays the guitar very averagely, he used to be under 16 welsh surf champion and he breeds prize winning clams. - 07879 812 789

Kate Murphy - Head of Client Service

Kate Murpy, Head of Customer Service & Operations

Kate is our Head of Client Services & Operations, or in short our "Queen Doris".

Kate's background is in Human Resources and more broadly managing people, tasks, projects, well you name it really, mainly at a top 20 UK accountancy practice.

She knows what works and what doesn't and can make sure the things we do for you are just ticketty boo and not drab at all -( ok they might be a bit dull but she promises she won't bore you with that stuff unless you want her too). In a nutshell her main skill is making sure things happen, as they should and when they should - efficiency & friendliness personified! 

She describes herself as a serial monogamy hobbyist, at the moment it's running. Who's know what next....answers on a postcard. 

Marcus Greenwood - Chief Technology Officer

Marcus Greenwood - CTO of Archie and Doris

A developer by trade, Marcus built the Hatch platform to provide a lean frame-work to facilitate the creation of social web-applications (this very website is using the Hatch Platform, more bells and whistles coming soon!)

Prior to Hatch, he designed and built portfolio management software for hedge funds, worked for web agencies and startups. In 2006, Marcus co-founded Webjam - a B2C social network creation tool, where he worked until 2010 when it was bought by private investors.

Steve Livingston ACA - The Tax Guru

Steve Livingston - tax manQuite simply Steve is a Tax Guru, he brings Big Four experience gained over a number of years working with a vast range of different types of companies, but specialising in fast growth Technology Businesses, which is his particular passion.

He's on hand to make sure your business stays on the right side of HMRC, and also to make sure you take advantage of any particular tax breaks that are on offer. Steve is an expert in SEIS, EIS, Patent Box & R&D Tax Credits, so it's worth having a chat to him about any of that! He luvvvves it.

What make Steve pretty unique amongst Tax specialists though is that he hasn't forgotten how to talk to normal human beings. This is why we love him so much, and why A&D have enjoyed working with him pretty much since we started.

Harmit Heer ACCA - Senior Manager

Harmit Heer - head of bokkeeping at archie and dorisHarmit is our Cloud Bookkeeping & Management Accounts guru with decades experience gained at a top 20 UK firm of UK Chartered Accountants.

She has worked with tiny weeny clients & massive clients across a whole load of sectors including Media. Marketing, Technology, Retail, Manufacturing... you name it!

Harmit is ultimately responsible for ensuring that your transition into the cloud goes as smoothly as possible, and she liaises with other members of the A&D network when necessary to ensure that all your cloud projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Harmit is always chirpy and smiley and is a very early and valued member of the A&D team.

Frank Lachman ACA - Head of Accounting

Frank has been a Chartered Accountant for a very very long time, 30 years in fact. And you don't spend that long in the profession without picking up the odd thing or two...

Frank will help you with everything from your Annual Accounts, Corporation Tax, Audits, VAT issues or Production Accounts.

His specialises in helping Charities, Social Enterprises, Theatre, TV & Film Production companies. 

Unlike many experienced Accountants & Tax Advisors, Frank takes particular care to explain things in a jargon free way.. and this is the main reason he's part of the A&D team, and clients love to work with him!

Shanu Mehta - Xero Set-Up & Conversions

Shanu Mehta

Shanu heads up the Xero conversion team here at Archie & Doris. She is Xero Certified and manages a team of 10 professionals who work full time on Xero conversions. She's a bit of a guru!

Shanu setup a service called MMC Convert, which is listed as a Xero Add on Conversion Partner (

So whether you're on Sage/Quickbooks/MYOB or whatever other cruddy old fuddy duddy software you currently use, she'll make your move to the beautiful world of Xero as easy and seamless as possible.

In her free time, she likes to dance and she also enjoys yoga, meditation and pilates.

Our network of Archie & Doris'

We are not a top heavy company, we have many Archie & Doris' dotted around the place looking after your needs. From Somerset to Wales, from London to Timbuktu (sort of). These people are the real troopers who will be your day to day contacts, helping your with your process and compliance based work including bookkeeping, statutory accounts, corporation tax, personal tax, company secretarial, VAT, payroll etc. 

The great thing about these guys & gals is that they do it all remotely, as we use clever technology that enables us to this without needing to come into your office regularly and taking up space, drinking your tea, and I suppose occasionally boring you rigid with our stories about.. tiddlywinks and puzzles or whatever...

We can come into your office though too, and we like doing this, especially for in the early days for larger businesses, as it helps us understand you and your needs. We promise to keep the chat interesting too, and not go on and on about the weather...

Archie Warry

Hello, I'm the dude that founded this gig about 40 odd years ago. I'm  showing a picture of when I was young and some might say "dashing". 

Anyways, I've pulled back a tad ( i still dabble, because I love it), and I've passed the buck largely onto my lovely little nephew, Marcus Warry. He's adorable.. I still remember when he used to wee his pants, whenever he heard the word "ice cream". Adorable. He doesn't do this any more... give him a call! Been nice talking to ya...

Doris Warry

Doris is the wonderful if not slightly frisky wife of Archibald. They met back in 1963, when Archie was pootling to the shops on an average day to buy some circuit boards (and some cheesy straws), he sadly tripped up on his nobly knees and thumped to the floor in the middle of a busy road! Fortunately he avoided any collision, and a rather nerdy yet dashing lady helped him back to his feet... and they never looked back since. 

Doris was the one that introduced accountancy to Archie, as previously he was into hard core coding and building complex hardware.. rumour has it he invented the radio.. just a rumour mind. Archie began to prefer accounting, he found it rather therapeutic. Archie & Doris was born in the late 60's... and the rest is history!

Doris loves tea parties, and has ingrained this core value into A&D's DNA. When you become a client you get her special cupcake recipe! And you're aways welcome to pop around for tea too!

Reginald Smith

Join as the "Marketing man", helping Archie and Doris take their technology driven accounting services to a broader market. 

Archie's previous attempts involved him wondering around his local forest with a sandwich board which read "we are accountants".. apart from a bit of passing interest from a squirrel, this didn't generate many enquiries.... Doris put an ad in the local rag, and hey presto.. Reginald appeared with his smooth charm and effortless smile and quickly started work.

Reginald now lives on a boat, stopping off at various exotic isles. He was last seen in Tahiti sporting his trademark tash and sipping on Pina Colada whilst chatting up a sweet young thing approximately half his age. Naughty Reginald!!