Archie & Doris Ltd.

Helping Entrepreneurs with Accounts, Tax, Funding & Mentoring since 1959

Hey chaps/chappesses...

Listen, don't get me wrong. We rock at doing your dull stuff. but what we really want to do is help you grow too. And we also rock at that, right.

Management Accounts, Raising Funds, Selling/exiting your business, Business Strategy, Key performance indicators.

Yeeehaaaaa.. you getting me? Signing up to A&D is not like appointing some square punk, it's like expanding your own team, your board if you like. 

Sure we'll keep our distance if you prefer... I guess... but if you want a hand on other stuff, all you have to ask. OK?! Call me...

More about us

We specialise in supporting start-ups and growing businesses in the Technology, Media and Marketing world.

Basically Archie loves doing your boring stuff, so you don't have to. That's your bookkeeping, payroll, VAT, Statutory Accounts etc. He literally loves it, often giggling as he works, and occasionally breaking out into song (80's power ballads are his present fave).

Archie and Doris use the latest cloud accounting technologies to provide your business massive efficiencies and cost savings. Your bank account links directly to your bookkeeping software, which saves time, money and enables accurate real time reporting on your business. This kind of information improves the chance of your business succeeding.

So de-stress yourself and let Archie do your boring stuff, and you can spend more time doing what you're good at, and building your business. Unlike other Accountants we also want to help you do this too, in fact we're as keen to make you grow as you are!

Rather uniquely too, we are able to offer you Corporate FInance advice  for your business, be it on Fundraising, Selling/Exiting, making Acquisitions. 

Ultimately the business your working hard to grow will one day, ether sooner or later be a valuable entity, and with our help we can advise you on how best to build the value in your business from the start, so that when you come to exit you'll be able to achieve the best possible valuation.

Why chose us?!

We use the latest technology to offer you the best service at the best price

Get a free pair of pants when you become a customer, in support of pants to poverty

We are entrepreneurs with the experience to really help build your business

We can help with Fundraising, Business Plans, Forecasts, Sales/Exits, Growth strategy and Acquisitions....

  Join a community of likeminded entrepreneurs

We do the boring stuff...

Seriously, a large part of the reason we are here, is so that that Archie, Doris and their pals can do all the boring stuff for you.That's your Bookkeeping, VAT, Payroll, Statutory Accounts, Tax returns, Company Secretarial shnizzle....What is the point of you doing it?! You should be spending this time building your business... or failing that use it for some well deserved fun?! Go and play ping pong... build a small model train out of matches... take the kids to the flipping zoo?!It's not really for me to decide what you now do with this time, but please have some fun with it. Promise?!